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People in charge: Anne et Thierry Grandet
Address : Moulin des Roches 89800 Chablis - France
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Phone: +33 6 73 20 80 50


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The people in charge of la Maison du Moulin des Roches are responsable of the web site contents.


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All creation elements present in the web site (logo, texts, images, design et animations) are the exclusive proprety of the company. Regards to L. 122-4 article from Intellectual Proprety Code, any use, reproduction, interviewing, modification and distribution of these elements without authorization of La Maison du Moulin des Roches is forbidden. Exception made for the logo that can be used without modification to make a link to

Elements present in the web site (including some logos) are from the web and was integrated with implicit or clarified agreement of the authors and could be deleted at any moment if requested. Other elements are from open sources in the web.


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Information registered during internet user visit in the web site (cookies) are used only in the internal executive of La Maison du Moulin des Roches and will not be transmitted to third in commercial purpose. It is used in particular to get audience statistics.